Tips to Increase Page Rank Website / Blog (Please Copy Paste this Article)

FASTEST WAYS TO INCREASE PAGE RANK . This is one of a new experience for me and proved to increase the Page Rank of my blog / website .

In this post, I invite you who have a website / blog that want to introduce your website / blog to the world. The trick used to increase the Page Rank in this posting is to utilize the "backlink". Through the backlinks your website / blog you will quickly famous. The greater the backlinks your website / blog, the Page Rank will get better (more popular). This trick actually utilize one marketing system that is very well known, the system of "Multi Level Marketting". Instead you have to pay a premium to increase backlinks to your website, you better try this secret trick fast and easy.

How do I? Easy .... All you need to do is put these links into your article. (Starting from No.2 to No.. 10)

  1. Nofita 
  2. baru2
  3. radensomad
  4. terbaru2010
  5. indonesiadikomputerku
  6. d0wnload-zone
  7. dickelodeon
  8. bloggerbiasa
  9. 123horas
  10. perbaikisendiri
  Now you just COPY-PASTE this article. Replace link No.2 to No.1, No.3 become to No.2, and so on. No.10 link replace with your website or blog. 

Imagine if you managed to invite 5 people to copy article that you post, then obtained the number of backlinks:
Position 9 = 5 backlink
Position 8 = 25 backlinks
Position 7 = 125 backlinks
Position 6 = 625 backlinks
Position 5 = 3125 backlinks
Position 4 = 15 625 backlinks
Position 3 = 78 125 backlinks
Position 2 = 390,625 backlinks
Position 1 = 1953125 backlink

And all of them use keywords that you want. So, when another friend copying your article, traffic website / blog that is on the list, including you too will rise. 

I'm sure you'll see changes Page Rank your website / blog. Please copy this article, and then recommend to your friends, your friends will forward it, and so on. Easy .... Good luck this secret trick ..!!


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